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My mom told me she liked my mud pies.  That was enough for confidence. Skill and experience are still forming a time layered patina over my joy of art.   I began two-dimensional work in 1968 when I was twenty five.  I didnít want to stop, ever, so I chose the full-time career of an artist.   I love it still. 

       I describe my work as interpretive.  Right now I use watercolor, but my media could change without notice. Color, composition, edges and lately, mood are elements of the job that get my full and undivided attention one at a time.  When choosing what to paint, I reach first for face to face confrontations with the ordinary.  Energy springs from discovering one by one an unending variety of painting techniques that keep me happy and creatively charged.   I strive to control the balance of power in my art;   to give the techniques I use more strength than the subjects. It is a long, rewarding, and unfinished challenge. 

"Next Year Honey"


Val Persoon


A two-dimensional visual communication specialist.


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